Cisco Catalyst 9200 Switch Stacking

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Things to know:

  • A switch stack can have up to eight stacking-capable switches connected through their StackWise ports.
  • Only homogenous stacking is supported -Catalyst 9200 switches will only allow other 9200s as stack members.
  • Switch members can’t have different licenses


  • up to eight stacking-capable switches connected through their StackWise ports
  • The stack as seen as one device across Layers 2 and 3.
  • Active switch controls the operation and managment of the entire stack.
  • The active switch contains the saved and running configuration files for the switch stack. The configuration files include the system-level settings for the switch stack and the interface-level settings for each stack member. Each stack member has a current copy of these files for back-up purposes.

Mac Address and Bridge ID (Layer 2)

  • Configuring MAC persistency so that the stack MAC address never changes to a different MAC address to avoid LACP and PAgP flaps/inconsistencies.
  • If the changes, the MAC address of the new determines the new bridge ID and router MAC address.
  • If the entire switch stack reloads, the switch stack uses the MAC address of the .

Upgrading Software

  • auto-upgrade and auto-advise features enable a switch with software packages that are incompatible with the switch stack to be upgraded to a compatible software version so that it can join the switch stack.


  • The switch with the higher priority becomes the stack master. This can be seen by using the show switch command and looking at the priority values. switch x priority x if switch 1 priority 15 and switch 2 priority 10 than switch 1 will be elected the master.

Adding a new member

  1. Power off the new switch.
  2. Connect the new switch to the stack using the StackWise cables.
  3. Power on the new switch.


  • If the stack master is removed or powered off the standby switch will become the new active switch. All other stack members in the stack remain as members and will not reboot.
  • If two devices become stack master one stack will have members the other stack master will show as a standalone device. Use the mode button and port LEDs on the device to identify which device is the master and which devices belong to that stack.