FMC Health Policies and Alerts

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  • Health policies and alerts are an important part of managing devices.
  • At the top right corner of FMC we can see that their is currently an alert which is being generated because I am using a demo license.
  • The FMC is making a ‘call’ every 5 minutes and Cisco is replying that I’m not worthy!
  • Let’s disable that since this is a lab environment and you would not want to do this for production but I’m annoyed with seeing red.
  • The monitor gives us a break down of the health monitors that are hitting counters.

Health Policies

  • Now we go into the policy section of the health tab and create a new policy.
  • This policy will be applied to our FTD and FMC.
  • Disable the Smart licensing status monitor by selecting off and then saving the configuration.

SNMP Alert

  • Next we will continue to create our Syslog and SNMP alerts.

Syslog Alerts

That’s All Folks!

  • The SNMP/SYSLOG alerts should now be live once we have selected all modules we want, the severity at which they are defined and the alerts we choose.