Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) – Peer Relationships

Categories Cisco, Route
  • iBGP Split Horizon – When an iBGP speaker learns of an iBGP Prefix it will not send the prefix to another iBGP speaker.
  • This means you will need to configure either a full mesh of iBGP peerings or use a function like route reflection or confederation to work around this rule.
  • eBGP Peering – Peering between different Autonymous Systems.
  • eBGP multi-hop – Used whenever you want to peer between loopback addresses between eBGP peers.

eBGP Multi-hop Lab

  • Configure the BGP topology given in the diagram.
  • All peering should be formed between loopback addresses.
  • Do not form an iBGP peering between R2 and R3.
  • Allowed to create static routes in AS 400 and AS 500 if needed.