Firepower Management Console System Configuration

Categories Cisco, fmc, Security


  • Setting up a syslog server prevents allowing another user on the FMC to delete the logs. This also keeps a backup of your logs.
  • Set the ‘send audit to syslog’ as enabled
  • enter in the sys log serves IP address for the host.
  • Change the faility to SYSLOG
  • Set severity to what you would like.
  • Test the syslog server and then Save once verified it’s working.
  • You will be greeted with a Sucess message after the configuration change has took affect.

Login Banner

  • Create a login banner with whatever login greeting you would like.
  • It is a good idea to display an authorization warning for the login banner or any message you would like users to see once logged into the FMC.
  • Save the login banner once completed.

Change Reconciliation

  • Change reconciliation allows a reported to be generated every x hours:minutes to provide a history of what configurations have changed.

Email Notification

  • Enter in your information as needed.
  • The from address can be whatever you like all other information will need to be legitimate

HTTPS Server Certificate

  • Creating an HTTPS certificate.

Management Interfaces

  • Hostname of the device
  • Domain name the device is in.
  • DNS servers
  • Remote management port
  • Don’t forget to hit save!

Remote Storage Device


  • Setup snmpv2
  • Create an ACL pointing to ISE or whatever you’re using for SNMP.


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