ESXi VM Backup On Synology NAS

Categories ESXi, NAS


  • From the Synology Package Center we will download “Active Backup for Business”.

Create a backup of the VMs

  • Open the Active Backup for Business.
  • Activate the application using your Synology account. (This is free)
  • Click the “VMware vSphere” tab and click “Manage Hypervisor” to add your ESXi host.
  • As long as the input is correct you will immediately see your ESXi host added.

Backup Task

  • Select Create Task and give it a name.
  • Select the backup destination directory.
  • Run through the settings, select the VMs to backup.
  • Give specifics on backup parameters.
  • I’m just clicking through the assistant, keeping the default options selected.
  • Check the task summary to review if everything is as you like to configure it. If all is fine, click “Apply”.
  • Run the backup task and once completed you will see it under the “Task List” section.


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