Automating Cisco IOS using NSO 5.3 on Ubuntu Linux 20.04 – Part 5 (Postman)

Categories Automation, Cisco, Devnet, NSO, Postman
  • Using postman we can sent get/put/post and other requests using RESTCONF to NSO to test requests before we implement them into a python script and bring the automation full circle to devices that other wise don’t have an API we can call (like IOS devices).
  • We need to use basic Auth (this will be our username and password we use to get into the NSO_CLI.
  • Also make sure to disable the original Accept and Content-Type headers and create new ones with the proper data models.
  • After we send the request we can see NSO has replied with a response that has a body giving all the information about the current devices due to our tailf-ncs:devices request.
  • Another example can be gather the loopback interface from device a0 that we created with our service instance.

We can continue testing get/put/post/del commands for sanity before implementing into our python scripts.